(Gamified) Ideation Process:

Strategic engagement of stakeholders and team in co-creating actionable ideas, including seeded “ah-ha” moments that take root in measurable action for positive impact and income.


Identify focused need/desire for impact and income

Identify audience, amplifiers and influencers

Identify what does success look like and when?

Energize team, relationships and potential partners to engage and focus on enjoying the success story

Enjoy flow state, access to creative process, and applied “right brain, left brain“ activity.

Action map the plan and timeline of idea(s) with lead, support, and resources needed

Headlines of key creative and message

Identify barriers, challenges and solutions to succeed


What does success look like?

Key Insights/Data, Anticipated Issues, Potential Partners, Timeline, Theory, Measures, Goals


Each member of the team to be fully present and participate in the Ideation to:

  • Clear and confirmed brief (tactical/strategic)
  • Clear and confirmed insights/ data set
  • Diversity of attendance and thought
  • Establish team member ownership /energized engagement
  • Clearly see the pathway of execution success


Clarity – List of actionable ideas, focus on key idea, relationship of tactical strategic.

Alignment – Team focus and energy around general action required to accomplish goal. Team ownership

Action – Team culture advances and efficiency increases.  Creative solution process integrated into organization. Flow state becomes comfortable activity to accomplish team and individual goals.

Top idea(s) are packaged with plan of action, key message with strategy, partners and pitch deck if applicable.