The Creative Intelligence Agency designs and executes brand experiences for global audiences, influencers, A-list artists, leading brands and select causes. We co-create compelling content to motivate measurable, meaningful impact and income.

Every success story has a beginning… Our creative intelligence processes will advance and amplify your brand story. 

The Creative Intelligence Agency designs and executes brand experiences for global audiences, influencers, A-list artists, leading brands and select causes. We co-create compelling content to motivate measurable, meaningful impact and income.

Every success story has a beginning… Our creative intelligence processes will advance and amplify your brand story. 

  1. Clarity Experience:

Facilitate discovery, organizational alignment and priority mapping with intelligent success metrics for remarkable clarity.  >>Learn more>>

  1. Team Building:

Identify, shape and advance values-driven teams in creative thinking, inclusion and deep engagement.

  1. Gamified Ideation:

Strategic engagement of stakeholders and team in co-creating actionable ideas, including seeded “ah-ha” moments that take root in measurable action for positive impact and income. >>Learn more>>

  1. Brand Strategy:

Mapwork, timeline, budget and the practical, tactical truth of on-brand initiatives with a marketing strategy that motivates the audience tell your true story as passionate brand ambassadors.

A History of Breakthroughs

Our collective agency success in media, technology, Fortune 500 brands, A-list artists and major events for global audiences propels us into a continuum of blowing a hole in status quo and entertaining change for good.

Real CIA History of Breakthroughs

Case Studies

CREATIVE: For Sony Pictures and the Men in Black and the Spider Man franchise, we brought brand sponsors into the creative process before the movies launched, to dial up their promotional spend.

For Sony Children’s Television we created gamified media initiatives including- Party Anywhere on the Planet, You pick it, We’ll plan it! We created and executed media promotions where young fans could enter a sponsored contest to win a fantastical party anywhere on the planet as well as content extras to explore the world for all who entered.

INTELLIGENCE: The fun of the movies were brought into the business process, capped with a party to end all parties on the Hudson River.

The event made headline news with an alien invasion, pyrotechnic boats, and helicopter stunts. We helped bring the right people to the party and process that had the power to invest in some of the most successful launches in film history.

CREATIVE: For Coca-Cola we launched a series of energized ideations that brought global heads of marketing, the bottlers and strategic partners to New York City and Atlanta. The 3-day events created immersion excursions to explore the desires and interests of the Next Generation of customers. The experience immersed “adults” into the minds of teens. We continued to work with Coca-Cola from entertaining events to cause marketing initiatives.

INTELLIGENCE: By bringing the right partners, decision makers, artists, influencers and creatives into the decision process and turn the process into entertaining events themselves; we were able to transform “aha moments” into 20 key initiatives that positioned Coca-Cola number one with teens. The new strategy gamified brand marketing into movies, music and eSports. This later evolved from Entertainment Marketing into Cause Marketing. We helped leverage major initiatives such as the Olympics into a showcase of young global change-makers. We brought the : 77 Film Festival of Impact, The World Water Race and Race to Rethink Plastics into a sponsorship platform. Our work continued to track and engage NextGen Leaders from entertainment to global cause to drive meaningful and measurable impact.

“The Night Watch campaign is a great demonstration of a communications approach that combines health expertise with marketing savvy”
UN Secretary-General Special Envoy Ray Chambers

CREATIVE: For Malaria No More, we created an initiative to save lives across sub-Saharan Africa. The ward-winning program Night Watch drove usage of bed nets though community engagement and awareness. At 9PM across media in nine countries and across 18 languages, influencer messages and music alerts helped notify critical bed net usage. Additionally, a nine point curriculum was integrated into the school systems to engage children to be the agents of change for parents to use bed nets. The campaign tapped celebrity and community faith leaders to unite and save lives at the times when malaria carrying mosquitos are most likely to strike.

INTELLIGENCE: Following a 9-month needs assessment process living in sub-sub-Saharan Africa, we engaged communities in education and behavior change, while appealing to donors and brands such as Kimberly Clark and Exxon. In the US we leveraged celebrity, authority and media platforms like American Idol and Bill Gate’s TED Talk on Malaria and in keynotes from UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon to drive measurable impact to help end Malaria.

CREATIVE: We endeavored to tell the critical stories of refugee families, child soldiers, and exploited children through the power of children’s artwork. We deployed the joy of healing arts including the beauty of kites flying in a blue sky of infinite possibilities. The stories were shared through A-list influencers including George Clooney, Don Cheadle and Forest Whitaker as well as an item for NBC News. Kites and lanterns carrying child stories raised critical funds to support new initiatives and were timed to release for the movie The Kite Runner and George Clooney’s keynote on Darfur at the UNGA.

INTELLIGENCE: On a mission for the Internal Rescue Committee and through the commitment of NBC’s Tom Brokaw, we spent a 9-month period in needs assessment living in refugee camps, working in hidden camps with child soldiers, crossing borders into Darfur, Somalia, Chad, Libya and The Congo. The story told through artwork became a powerful and emotional voice amplified to drive donor commitments.

CREATIVE: Enactus needed to drive sustainable unrestricted revenue for capacity building and to deliver on its core mission impact. As Chief Innovation Officer, Terry Torok engaged the global network of stakeholders and students, to focus on a core-values and a strategy process. Establishing the values and belief statement aligned key stakeholders into supporting initiatives, that for the first-time generated compelling content from NextGen leaders to garner media attention and brand commitments. The creation of The World Races, The 77 Second Film Festival continue to bring organizational exposure to forums worldwide. including the Olympics,
C2 Montreal, international Film Festivals and the United Nations.

INTELLIGENCE: Terry leveraged the hidden organizational assets of storytelling for impact, into exciting branded initiatives aligned with the UN Global Goals. His team provided a channel and training for NextGen leaders to tell their stories of impact. This enabled the organization to garner new and sustainable revenue from brands and foundations aligned global goal initiatives.

CREATIVE: Of the 17 UN Global Goals Goal 17, Partners for the Goals, is one of the most challenging. We continue to create impact initiates that help bring brands and causes together. This includes creating the Global Goals Forum, an annual event for NextGen and corporate leaders to align on 2030 Goals as well as the 48hrs of impact, and The 2030 Project launching during the UNGA September 2022.

INTELLIGENCE: Charitable organizations 501(c)(3) rarely have the bandwidth or capacity to align with similar organizations, yet foundations, corporations and donors often fund multiple organizations. By creating common and scalable initiatives that require no-to-low lift for charitable organizations, we are able help fund the impact created by these organizations. Our initiatives typically have built in media and influencer momentum. Our relationship with the UNOP and UN Women are key in driving measurable impact and revenue for charitable partners.

CREATIVE: “Who Says a Bank Can’t Rock n Roll?” we helped Citibank differentiate themselves from the stuffy old-school banking experiences while appealing to those who appreciate lifestyle perks. We created a sponsorship platform with Elton John that ignited a new way experience ATMs and digital transaction for rewards, including tickets to Elton John, with VIP meet and greet experiences for partners. This initiative further led to working with Elton John, in the producing the TV concert special – One Night Only. We also created a sponsored promotion to give away Elton’s Piano played at Madison Square Garden and continued to support Elton in his annual campaign to fight AIDS.

INTELLIGENCE: Leverage music platforms and live concert events to deepen relationships with customers and brands. We have used similar formulas for Rolling Stones / Sprint, Sheryl Crow / Tommy Hilfiger, Phil Collins / Sears; as an effective way to synergize brands, entertainment and causes.

CREATIVE: New owner of QVC, Barry Diller wanted to change the perception of what he called “the cubic zirconia channel”. Instead of launching an off-channel campaign, we went to work the perception shift with money raising shows inside of QVC. Terry Torok produced two record breaking QVC shows simulcasted on other Barry Diller media properties. One broke through with an unprecedented teen audience offering first-release Video Games in Video Game HQ and the other show went to extremes – Extreme Shopping offered the Hollywood Sign, the Brooklyn Bridge, Muhammad Ali’s House and much more for sale on QVC. The show went live from Times Square at an arena XS NY designed by Terry.

The show garnered significant press and headlines and included stunts like Peter Max painting a VW Bug and a live episode from the Russian MIR Space Shuttle in outer space.

INTELLIGENCE: By producing the unexpected and allowing the press to sensationalize the story, we were able to break perceptions and open QVC to a line of celebrities and brands to feel extremely comfortable appearing on QVC. We leveraged our previous win with Barry Diller on Fox, with the In Living Color Super Bowl Party; a one-time event that forever changed Super Bowl Half Time.

CREATIVE: For Alicia Key’s Keep a Child Alive we created a strategic partnership with attracting key donors to a common initiative in supporting children’s education through the arts. We energized the partnership with an announcement at the Alicia Keys Black Ball hosted by Chris Rock with special guest Lenny Kravitz.

More importantly, the work with children needed to be measurable and highly impactful. We worked directly with teachers in KwaZulu-Natal to ensure children were benefiting from the curriculum and there remained a clear pathway of empowerment and inclusion.

INTELLIGENCE: To implement a successful partnership, it is critical that programs can deliver on the promise at all levels and impact is measurable, consistent and continuously improved.

CREATIVE: For Deepak Chopra and the Chopra Foundation, we are creating new and sustainable revenue streams. This includes gamifying Dr. Chopra’s books and creating an outdoor center for learning and mediation.

Our multiple book agreement with publishers to create games from each book, will help sell additional books, extend the book’s shelf-life, reach new and younger audiences, create communities around content and drive a new revenue stream based on the author’s work.

INTELLIGENCE: From extensive experience in gamifying complex information, we applied the joy of game playing to Dr. Chopra’s work. In testing the game play for over 18 months, we’ve refined the learning into a fun way to play with time, space and a continuum of characters. The formula allows each game to build on each other and expand the adventure to multiple authors and A-List influencers, creating multiple new revenue streams.

CREATIVE: For the Discovery Channel, we delivered on 3 key areas: Brand partnership experiences, energizing the Cable TV upfront sales and the creative processes within the channel’s sales department. We implemented a series of Ideation Destinations- creative fun processes to bring brand partners and programming together. Shows such as Celebrity Poker, Dirty Jobs and many more became gamified experiences for audiences and brands. We also produced the Junk Yard Wars Tour extending the TV Series to an audience engagement in building and racing their own “junk” vehicles. The sponsored tour extended advertiser dollars to an off-channel promotion, driving viewership while increasing direct retail sales for the sponsors.

INTELLIGENCE: We converted sales insights into entertaining experiences and became known for transforming mundane sales meetings into gamified and energized destination experiences.  We also extended the creative results into audience and consumer engagements, driving multiple new revenue streams for The Discovery Channel. 

CREATIVE: When The Wall Street Journal was considering downsizing the size of the publication to a “tabloid”. They understood this could create a stigma for those loyal to the traditional size of ”real news papers”. We took the approach of appealing to the most sophisticated audiences- delivering more with less. We focused the campaign on “smart content” with the wisdom of size efficiency. 

You will not only look smarter in more places… You will be.

We took to a series of advertising to tight squeezes, starting in Europe, like the London Tube and then to the New York subways, even our TV spots were smaller and packed with greater intelligence while “challenging your comfort zone”. The resize was coordinated with a new look and feel to appeal to the intelligence of the readers. 

INTELLIGENCE: In downsizing The Wall Street Journal to tabloid the money savings in print was significant. it moved the paper to a higher shelf space at eye-level. We flipped what would have been the negative impression of tabloid into a wiser choice of information and being A TRAILBLAZER. The sophisticated campaign matched the minds of those managing time, space and money.